Aurora Fossil Museum

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Aurora Fossil Museum
400 Main St.
Aurora, NC 27806
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The Aurora Fossil Museum, founded in 1976, is a non-profit fossil education resource center. Our museum’s mission is to increase knowledge of the geology and paleontology of the coastal plains of North Carolina. We accomplish this task through exhibits, outreach programs and field studies. Our own fossil pile, affectionately dubbed the ‘Pit of the Pungo’, is an unlimited source of Miocene age fossils donated by our local phosphate mine. In these fossil rich soils, one may find the remains of ancient sharks, whales, bony fish, corals, shells and other invertebrates. Our staff will willingly provide personal assistance and other resources to help you identify your finds. Bring a garden trowel or sifter and plastic bags, spend the day collecting with us, and take home a piece of the past.

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