Civilian Conservation Corps Geocache Adventure

Nov 1 thru Nov 30 - 8:00 am - 4:30 pm
All ages unless noted otherwise - Included in entry
Hungry Mother State Park
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Go on a geocache adventure to learn about the very tools that were used to build the park. First, pick up a CCC geocache Adventure book from the Discovery Center. If you’re using your own GPS unit, enter the coordinates from the first page of the booklet. Or you may borrow a GPS, which has the coordinates already loaded, from the Discovery Center. Follow the GPS unit to the first sign. Using the booklet, find the page that coordinates with the tool shown and make a rubbing using a writing utensil. Then, follow the GPS to the next sign.

Once you have made rubbings of all of the tools in the book, return your book to the Discovery Center for a special CCC surprise. You can visit a few or as many signs as you like. The complete adventure covers approximately six miles. Various points are accessible by car if you don’t have the time available for a six mile hike. **Location Detail: Various locations throughout the park


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