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  • Solstice

    A few more lengthening days…and then the cycle begins anew.  We hope you are enjoying these long warmer days wherever you are, and that NatureFind is helping you find more nature nearby.
  • Plogging for the Planet

    Are you a multitasker who loves the outdoors, exercise, and helping save the planet? Plogging (#plogging) is the newest fitness trend that benefits you and the environment. Plogging is a combination of the words jogging and “plocka up,” Swedish for “pick up.” Basically, it means picking up litter while you’re exercising outdoors. Whether you’re walking, hiking, jogging, biking, paddleboarding or…
  • Earth Day Every Day

    While April 22 is Earth Day (#EarthDay2018), you can make every day Earth Day by making small changes or choices. Often these choices can also save you money as well. Set your thermostat (heat / AC) to a moderate temperature (wear a sweater indoors when using the heating system, and not when using air-conditioning). Combine errands for fewer car trips,…
  • Big Leaf Maples

    The Big Leaf Maple has been known as the ‘paddle tree’ to the Lakwungen First Nations people of Vancouver because its wood is used to make paddles, oars and also spindle wheels. Who knew? — I didn’t until recently, though I’ve walked past and marveled at the very large leaves for a long time.  The trees are abundant in the…

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